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DeVault Decentralized Economy
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This is the working repository for DeVault.

Build Status GitHub version

The goal of DeVault is to create a decentralized economy that is usable by everyone in the world. We believe this is a civilization-changing technology which can dramatically improve the lives of all.

What is DeVault?

DeVault is a peer-to-peer digital payment platform built with the goal of harnessing the collective knowledge and intrinsic value of the p2p economy. Creating an ever growing Multi-DAO system geared towards educating, on-boarding and supporting the crypto-currency adopters of today and tomorrow.

What is DeVault Core?

DeVault Core is the name of open-source software which enables the use of DeVault. It is a fork of the Bitcoin ABC software project.


DeVault is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

Development Process

If you would like to contribute, please read CONTRIBUTING.

Disclosure Policy


Upgrades/Changes in this code fork - when coin was launched for overall changes please see Summary)

  • Cold Rewards Code (details here : Cold Reward)
  • Budget Rewards (detail here : Budget)
  • Shark block inflation for a fairer initial distribution - details here : Inflation Shark
  • Removed BIP70 & protobuf dependency
  • Updated CMake config
  • Redesigned QT Wallet GUI
  • Uses C++17 for builds
  • Remove Base58 address support
  • Transition to BIP 32/39/44 HD Wallet support only - Uses 12 word phrase setup
  • Remove some Boost dependencies
  • Each run of devaultd/devault-qt will create a new debug.log file and rename older files based on last accessed time Use -keeplogfiles= to specify how long to keep in days (default is 7)
  • Change coin display precision and current network precision to 3 decimal points instead of 8
  • Remove BIP9 code
  • Prompt user for Password on 1st run so that wallet will always be encrypted
  • Exclusive use of Bech32 style addresses
  • Replace OpenSSL dependency with Libsodium
  • Replace Difficulty with LWMA difficulty calculation
  • Code can be built with either AutoTools or CMake
  • Reorg Depth set at 30 blocks
  • Upgraded or added dependencies, QT 5.9.7, libsodium, libgmp, boost 1.69
  • Default # of keys generated is 200 in total, miners may want to use -keypool at 1st startup for additional keys


Specification Descriptor
Ticker DVT
Algorithm SHA256d
RPC Port 3339
P2P Port 33039
Block Spacing 120 Seconds
Difficulty Algorithm LWMA
Block Size 32MB
Protocol Support IPV4, IPV6 & TOR

ColdReward Requirements

Requirement Details
Confirmations 21915 Blocks
Amount (Block #1-109575) 1000+ DVT (Per Input)
Amount (Block #109575+) 25000+ DVT (Per Input)
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