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Sci-Fi UI Design

The uGUI Sci-Fi UI Design for Unity - now free and open-source!

Sci-fi UI Design for uGUI was originally developed by Devdog and was sold for years at $40 on the Unity Asset Store.

Other Devdog Publishing Tools:

Odin Inspector Rucksack

Important Links

Discuss Sci-Fi UI with the rest of the community on Discord

Discord server

Read the Sci-Fi UI Documentation


Why is Sci-Fi UI being open-sourced?

After years on the Asset Store, we're open-sourcing Sci-fi UI Design for uGUI because we're moving on to new projects and tools. You can read more in our blog post.

100% in the hands of the community, we hope to see the tool flourish, development continue, and any upcoming bugs fixed (the tool should be bug-free as-is).

Getting started

Clone the repository + submodules, or download the zip file + the general library and place it in Assets/Devdog.

Integrations stored in the Integrations folder may have to be removed, if you do not have these plugins in your project.

What's included with Sci-fi UI Design for uGUI?

Screen Space (VR-Ready)

The entire Sci-Fi UI Design is made in screen-space making it completely VR ready.


(Almost) all elements can be tweaked directly inside the Unity UI editor. Change colors, animations and layouts directly from the inspector!

Inventory Pro Integration

The Sci-Fi UI design works with Inventory pro (but does not require it) and is fully functional, no need to program the entire UI, it's already done for you.


The Sci-Fi UI Design comes with many build-in animations that can naturally be tweaked with ease.

Menu and HUD Elements

With a complete main menu demo that you can customize or re-build from scratch, you will quickly get an idea of what the Sci-Fi UI Design can do.

Additionally, a lot of components were designed to make the design as versatile as possible. All designs are in the package in .AI format.

Many Use-cases

The Sci-Fi UI design was made with many different game types in mind. It can be used for RPG, Flying, FPS, Survival game types and more!

Stunning Animations

The Sci-Fi UI Design comes with many stunning animations, ready to be used directly in your games.

Inlcuded is also a production ready HUD for flying, FPS, Survival and RPG games!

Demo Game Included

Included in the Sci-Fi UI is a demo of a flying game, showcasing just one way that the asset can be used.

The adjustable layouts, animations and various HUD elements means that the asset can also be used for more traditional RPG and space Survival Games, however.

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