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Gather infrastructure insights from OSM quickly
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OSM road/building coverage by tiles

This is a script to get the road and buildings coverage by tiles using the OpenStreetMap data.

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$ git clone
$ cd osm-coverage-tiles/
$ npm link


$ osmcov <file.mbtiles> --zoom=15 > output.json


  • zoom, It should be the same zoom as the mbtiles.
  • bbox, We could pass this parameter to reduce the size of evaluation.

Where to get the Mbtiles?

Creating our own Mbtiles

For creating the mbtiles is necesary to use minjur and tippecanoe, both tool we could find in geokit.

$ wget
$ docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:/mnt/data developmentseed/geokit:latest minjur colombia-latest.osm.bz2 > colombia.geojson
$ docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:/mnt/data developmentseed/geokit:latest tippecanoe -l osm -n osm-latest -o colombia.mbtiles -z15 -Z15 -psfk colombia.geojson
docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:/mnt/data developmentseed/geokit:latest osmcov colombia.mbtiles --zoom=15 > colombia-output.json


The output of osmcov command is a json file, which needs to cover into a geojson file, for it we use the geokit.

$ docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:/mnt/data developmentseed/geokit:latest geokit osmcov <file.mbtiles> --zoom=15 > colombia-output.json
$ docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:/mnt/data developmentseed/geokit:latest geokit jsonlines2geojson colombia-output.json > colombia-tiles.geojson
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