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DotPlant2 - open-source E-Commerce CMS based on Yii Framework 2(yii2).

Gitter - join chat and get free support(:ru: & :uk:)

Scrutinizer Code Quality

Documentation is in development - some docs are only available in one language for now(ru or en).

Sites made with DotPlant2 - send us your site to be added.


True SEO-friendly

Configurable routes and URLs system allows search engines to build correct site structure in their index.

Every page, product or category has it's own fields for SEO - URL slug, TITLE tag, H1, META description, breadcrumbs label and name that is used as anchor.

Smart content editing

  • Use content blocks(like chunks in MODx) for repeated content parts.
  • Create and integrate feedback forms with automatic validation, spam-checking and management from backend.

Configurable multipurpose E-Commerce

  • Graph order workflow - you can configure the whole process and options as your business needs.
  • Multi-currency support with pluggable automatic currency rate updating.
  • Discounts for all! Users, products, orders, delivery, etc.
  • Pluggable Payment types - 12 build-in payment handlers and it's easy to integrate any other.
  • Filtration of products can be configured for every category.
  • Support of configurable advanced fields for user, customer or company.
  • Integration with 1C through CommerceML alpha stage

And more to come...

Minimal system requirements:

  • PHP 5.5 or higher
  • *nix-based server
  • MySQL 5.5+
  • Memcached server or APC for caching purposes is highly recommended

Needed PHP modules:

  • gd
  • json
  • pdo, pdo-mysql
  • memcached(for memcache cache only)
  • curl
  • intl(optional but recommended)

Perfectly runs on $10 VPS from DigitalOcean


First install composer dependencies:

$ cd application
$ php ../composer.phar global require "fxp/composer-asset-plugin:~1.1.0"
$ php ../composer.phar install --prefer-dist --optimize-autoloader

Your virtual server DocumentRoot directory should point to application/web.

Then run php installer in application folder.

Backend is located at http://YOUR_HOSTNAME/backend/

WARNING This installation brings you an empty store without any products or categories.

Demo data

WARNING Demo data is in Russian for now :(

WARNING-2 Demo migration also downloads big(~90Mb) archive with sample images.

vagrant ssh
cd /var/www/dotplant2/application/
./yii cache/flush cache --interactive=0

Go to http://YOUR_HOSTNAME/catalog


This box currently uses master branch of dotplant2.

How to use:

git clone && cd dotplant2-vagrant
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Go to:


Admin user is admin with password password.

Vagrant box doesn't installs demo data. You can do it manually(see above).

Current project status

DotPlant 2 is in beta stage. You can use it on production, but be ready for minor changes like variable names changes, view-markup changes and new theme parts&widgets.

Migrating from alpha

See migration tips and feel free to ask for help in gitter chat.