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Sync Device42 CIs to Cherwell CMDB
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Device42 is a Continuous Discovery software for your IT Infrastructure. It helps you automatically maintain an up-to-date inventory of your physical, virtual, and cloud servers and containers, network components, software/services/applications, and their inter-relationships and inter-dependencies.

This repository contains script that helps you sync data between cherwell and Device42 back and forth.

Download and Installation

To utilize the Cherwell_device42_mapping script, Python 3.5+ is required. The following Python Packages are required as well:

  • certifi==2017.11.5
  • chardet==3.0.4
  • idna==2.6
  • requests==2.18.4
  • urllib3==1.22

These can all be installed by running pip install -r requirements.txt.

Once installed, the script itself is run by this command: python


Prior to using the script, it must be configured to connect to your Device42 instance and your Cherwell instance.

  • Save a copy of mapping.xml.sample as mapping.xml.
  • Enter your URL, Users and Passwords in the Cherwell and Device42 sections (lines 5-11), and the Cherwell client_id as well. This can be obtained in Cherwell from cherwell service management administration -> security -> edit REST api client settings -> Client Key

Below the credential settings, you’ll see a Tasks section. Multiple Tasks can be setup to synchronize various CIs from Device42 to Cherwell. In the section of each task, there will be a section that queries Device42 to obtain the desired CIs. Full documentation of the Device42 API and endpoints is available at Individual tasks within a mapping.xml file can be enabled or disabled at will by changing the enable="true" to enable="false" in the section.

Each of these CIs will be associated via the business object ID in Cherwell. These can be obtained in Cherwell from Cherwell service management administration -> blueprint -> Config - * -> edit business object -> Bus Object Properties... -> Advanced -> Business Object ID

Once the Device42 API resource and Cherwell Business Object ID are entered, the section is where fields from Device42 (the resource value) can be mapped to fields in Cherwell (the target value). It is very important to adjust the list of default values in accordance between cherwell and device 42 (for example, service_level).

After configuring the fields to map as needed, the script should be ready to run. For debugging, there is a DEBUG variable in which can be set to True or False.

Processing Affinity Groups to Cherwell

Requires Device42 version 15.11.07 or higher

The configuration for synchronization Affinity Groups is a bit different and more complex since such tasks are processing several CIs simultaneously.

The section has to be marked by additional attribute: type="affinity_group". Also, this section can contain an additional attribute reset-connections="true". If this option is enabled, all existing connections/relationships between Services will be removed before processing new data. Set this option to false or remove it to sync new elements without removing old relationships.

The task has to contain at least 3 tags:

  1. for Service Instances (Config-Service* CI in Cherwell; serviceinstance in Device42)
  2. for Application Components (Config-Application* CI in Cherwell; appcomp in Device42)
  3. for Devices (device in Device42). Several for devices can be present if devices are mapped to several CI's on Cherwell.

Each section has to contain the following attributes:

  • d42-model: the name of CI(model) in Device42
  • bus-ob-id: the business object ID of CI in Cherwell

Each section has to contain an info about relationships ( section). The section represents 1 <-> Many downstream relationship and has to contain the following attributes:

  • d42-model: the name of CI(model) in Device42 of the 'child' in relationship
  • id: the ID of relationship (the CI links Downstream CIs relationship should be used in common case). This value can be obtained in Cherwell from Cherwell service management administration -> blueprint -> Config - * -> Edit relationships... -> relationship -> Edit -> Advanced -> Relationship ID. For proper working, please make sure that used relationship has the reversed one (Upstream).

The sections for Service Instances and Application Components have to contain the section for creating new objects in Cherwell. Mappings are not applicable for devices since they should be processed in own tasks.

See an example in the mapping.xml.sample file.


  • Script runs on Linux and Windows
  • Processing Affinity Groups to Cherwell requires Device42 version 15.11.07 or higher


  • mapping.xml - file from where we get fields relations between D42 and Cherwell
  • - file with integration description, we describe how fields should be migrated
  • - initialization and processing file, where we prepare API calls


We will support any issues you run into with the script and help answer any questions you have. Please reach out to us at


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