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devICT job board

a go rewrite of the original devICT job board by @imacrayon, design and original feature set came from there!


  • docker + docker compose
  • that's mainly it!
  • for a nicer local dev experience, having go and some go IDE integration set up is likely worthwhile

setup for development

  • Copy .env.example to .env and make any desired changes
  • (If on Windows) Make sure your local repository path (for example C:\Users\username\repos\job-board) is available for Docker Filesharing by going to Docker Dashboard > Settings > Resources > File Sharing

running locally

  1. Run docker

    On Linux

    $ docker compose up

    On Windows:

    $ docker-compose up
  2. Open localhost:8080 in the browser

accessing the database

$ make psql

seed the database with test data

$ make seed-db

slack integration

setting the SLACK_HOOK env var will enable posting new jobs to Slack to the provided Slack hook url. if not configured, this functionality will simply be disabled

email integration

for testing email sending locally, it is recommended that you use mailtrap, then copy .env.example to .env and add your configuration there

database migrations

golang-migrate is used for db migrations. the server runs migrations as it starts up, so unless you're adding new migrations or doing other stuff with the migration files you shouldn't have to worry about this tool.