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Ether Synth

Ether Synth is an in-progress Kinect based OSC controller. Visit for more info.

Ether Synth uses openFrameworks as well as some addons.

The current version of Ether Synth was the grand prize winner of the first ever HackitFresno.


Generate an oF project with the following addons and copy the contents of the Ether Synth src/ folder to your new project's src/ folder.

  • ofxOsc
  • ofxOpenCv
  • ofxKinect
  • ofxGui

Copy the contents of the EtherSynth data/ folder to your new project's data/ folder.

Load up the pd-patch/main.pd in a version of vanilla PD recent enough to have native OSC support. Check if you have the [oscparse] object.

Plug in a Kinect and you are good to go.