@devinacker devinacker released this Jun 23, 2018 · 26 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Added reworked tile viewer, fully replaces original VRAM viewer [UnDisbeliever]
Added tilemap export option and various other improvements to tilemap viewer [UnDisbeliever]
Added mouse and gamepad/joystick support to input driver on macOS [Optiroc]
Added reworked Cx4 low level emulation based on ikari's documentation [Revenant]
(WIP, improves timing in Mega Man X2/X3 intro/attract modes, etc.)
Added experimental 'snesmusic' plugin for SPC/SNSF file playback [Revenant]
Added autodetection of MSU-1 ROMs with no manifest required [Revenant]
Added various additional items to Properties Viewer [Revenant, koitsu, ARM9]
Added option to automatically save/load breakpoints between sessions [Revenant]
Added support for saving unfiltered screenshots [UnDisbeliever]
Added more flexible command-line loading (for BS-X, Sufami Turbo, Super GB games) [Revenant]
Added "Cart ROM" usage mapping for SuperFX code/data [Revenant]
Added support for larger Satellaview data files and more accurate reset state [LuigiBlood]
Added hotkey to pause and advance a single frame [Revenant]
Added hotkey to toggle system power [Revenant]
Added "auto-save SRAM" setting to UI [Revenant]
Added manifest viewer to tools menu/window [Revenant]
Fullscreen mode now auto-hides mouse cursor after 5 sec [Revenant]
Most debug windows are now given focus if opened when already open [Revenant]
Debugger no longer shows cart memory on CPU bus when SuperFX is accessing it [Revenant]
Debugger window is now forced open when a debug event occurs [Revenant]
CGRAM viewer now displays 5-bit color values instead of shifted 8-bit ones [ARM9]
Fixed interrupt-related (and other) dummy reads uselessly triggering breakpoints, etc. [Revenant]
Fixed SuperFX disassembly/logging not always properly accounting for pipelining [Revenant]
Fixed BS-X memory mapping registers causing severe unnecessary slowdown [Revenant]
(fixes Treasure Conflix, possibly others)
Fixed mouse not automatically being released when powering off or changing inputs [Revenant]
Fixed soft-patching headered ROMs when snesreader plugin wasn't loaded [Revenant]
Fixed ROM cheats and ranged breakpoints ignoring address mirroring [Revenant]
Fixed emulation speed hotkeys sometimes failing to restore normal speed afterward [Revenant]
Updated emulation of auto joypad refresh timing [byuu?]
Updated emulation of SMP wait state control [byuu, AWJ]
Updated emulation of SuperFX PLOT dithering (fixes Star Fox) [qwertymodo]
Updated emulation of horizontal scroll latching (fixes PD Pac-Man) [AWJ]
Updated emulation of DSP-n status flags [AWJ]
Updated emulation of S-DSP's ENDX state (fixes Magical Drop) [AWJ]
Updated memory mapping heuristics for some cartridge types (fixes SRAM mapping w/ ExHiROM, etc.)

@devinacker devinacker released this Dec 20, 2016 · 126 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Minor bugfix release.
Fixed low-res scanlines being horizontally resized too much when fast-forwarding while a high-res screen mode is active (compat/performance builds only) [Revenant]
Fixed potential issue with modifier keys triggering multiple wrong inputs [Revenant]
Fixed potential crashes when nonexistent cart RAM would be mapped by a manifest and/or certain coprocessors (such as the SA1) [Revenant]
Fixed potential crash when tracing SA1/SuperFX with trace mask enabled [Revenant]
Fixed trace mask being wrongly enabled when loading a cartridge [Revenant]

@devinacker devinacker released this Nov 23, 2016 · 135 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Added tilemap viewer, revamped VRAM viewer and improved OAM viewer [UnDisbeliever]
Added all BS-X/Satellaview support from bsnes-sx2 [LuigiBlood]
Added PPU breakpoint support to accuracy and performance builds [Revenant]
Added more comparison options to cheat search dialog [Grieverheart]
Added some command line debugger arguments (see bsnes --help) [UnDisbeliever]
Added debug window option to show H-count as either dots or clocks [Revenant]
Added option to use WDM instruction as a software breakpoint [Revenant]
Added "allow invalid input" and "allow modifier keys" to settings window [Revenant]
Updated MSU1 support to revision 2 (includes pause/resume support) [Revenant]
Improved handling of debug window GUI state when breaking/running/stepping [Revenant]
Expanded debug properties view for multiple chips on all 3 build profiles [Revenant]
Made power-on state (especially accuracy PPU) randomized the same way as higan [Revenant]
Memory viewer displays current address at bottom of window [Revenant]
Memory viewer now displays APU bus instead of just APU RAM [Revenant]
Memory viewer now displays (most) I/O registers as read-only values [Revenant]
Debug log files are now only opened if a game is actually open [Revenant]
Debugger switches between debug/main window depending on focus policy [Revenant]
Fixed flickering/blanking of game screen when changing/resizing windows [Revenant]
Fixed CPU bug w/ direct page wrapping in emulation mode [AWJ]
Fixed disassembly of PEA/PEI/PER instructions [AWJ]
Fixed some details of S-DD1 memory mapping [AWJ]
Fixed typing in native file dialogs triggering emulator hotkeys [Revenant]
Fixed debug events messing with emulation speed if turbo/slowdown keys were held [Revenant]
Fixed spurious debug events caused by dummy reads during SPC write instructions [Revenant]
Fixed file dialog path being cleared when cancelling a native file dialog [Revenant]
Fixed handling of $00Fx registers when dumping SPCs [Revenant]
Fixed "search next/prev" behavior when wrapping to beginning or end of memory [Revenant]

@devinacker devinacker released this Nov 10, 2015 · 254 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

Replaced original memory editor with a new, faster and better one [Revenant]
Added hotkeys for breaking and stepping in the debugger (F5 through F8) [Revenant]
Added new "Sound Viewer" window to tools menu [Revenant]
Removed "enable" checkbox from breakpoints, now enabled by R/W/X setting [Revenant]
Re-enabled quickload/save menus [Revenant]
Frame count added to CPU/SA1 traces [Revenant]
Fixed cycle timing issue introduced by debugger in previous release [Revenant]
Slightly improved SPC700, SA1 and SuperFX disassembly [Revenant]
Fixed MMIO mapping on SA1 bus (fixes crash with Marvelous and possibly others) [AWJ]
Various emulation, build, and other improvements [AWJ]
Backported various OpenGL, Direct3D, and rawinput fixes from bsnes 081+ [mziab]
Fixed potential GUI deadlock when Windows system menu is opened [Revenant]
Improved BPS/UPS/IPS soft patching support [mziab, Revenant]
snesreader no longer advertises RAR support that it doesn't actually have [mziab]
Backport newer File Extractor from VBA-M. LZMA2-compressed 7zip archives work now [mziab]
Various build fixes, mostly for clang / Mac OS [Optiroc, AWJ]
Nicer OSX app bundle (custom icon and retina support enabled) [Optiroc]