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Please be aware that we use Github Issues for discussion and not every issue represents a bug.
If you have any questions about d-portal, please raise an issue. We very much welcome comments and feedback!

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Search IATI data on development and humanitarian activities on specific events or themes more easily on d-portal.

Visit the site at

We are currently in BETA. While d-portal is publicly available, it is not considered finished. You may experience bugs and missing features, but that is why we need your feedback and support.


  • Explore IATI data for both countries and publishers.
  • Updates everyday GMT +0 with new data from the IATI Registry.
  • DStore is an optimized nodejs + PostgreSQL + SQLite database for use in real time queries.
  • Q allows queries via simple but complex filters.
  • SAVi xml simplifies IATI xml to aid legibility for casual users.
  • Localization ready means adding translations of different languages a breeze.
  • Themeing options for customised versions of d-portal.
  • Chart.js for fully customisable graphs.
  • Generator allows easy embedding of IATI content in blog posts and websites.
  • Dash explores the gaps, highlights quality of data being published and displayed on
  • Easily create news posts using Markdown.
  • Install your own d-portal.
  • Sitemap of the site.
  • Open source with The MIT License.

Directory Structure

/dstore contains server side javascript for xml manipulation and parsing of iati data. See the README in that directory for more information. This is needed to run the Q queries on your own host.

/dstore/csv contains public spreadsheets (csv) including CRS data that is manually provided and updated yearly. See the README in that directory for more information.

/ctrack contains client side javascript and css for displaying information direct from the datastore in browser. See the README in that directory for more information. This is needed to build and deploy a customized d-portal browser tool.

/dportal contains javascript that builds the static information and example site you will find deployed at

/bin contains helper scripts.

/documents contains some documentation.

Updates is currently being developed and designed so things are constantly changing. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you have a suggestion or feedback, or would just like to partake in discussions on d-portal, join in by creating a new issue here.

If you are interested in finding out more or part-funding d-portal, please contact

Database Logs

We are tracking the nightly imports of IATI data being published to here.

Service status on Uptime Robot.





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