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* sc-build speed improvements
* Added support for @debug statements which allow you to mark blocks of code only for debugging purposes.
* Introduce some new safe-guards for the parallelization of minification
* Refactored how Chance is invoked by the buildtools
* Made Chance minify the CSS
* Added verbose logging about the whitelisting feature
* Fixed bugs with the modular loading feature of sproutcore that caused the modules not to refresh during development
* Refactored the spriting support of Chance
* Added a first-draft of a Chance unit test runner, similar to the existing rake test runner, but based on file output not method output
* Added support for rmagick, allowing us to preprocess jpegs and gifs in addition to pngs
* Fixed the -r --include-required build flags when used in conjunction with the --build-targets flag in the buildtools which caused missing building and minifying of targets
* Prevented the buildtools from generating CSS files unnecessarily
* Updated unit tests
* Bug fixes throughout
*SproutCore 1.5.0.pre.5 (March 16, 2011)*
* Fixes Ruby 1.8 support
* Fixes UTF-8 encoding issues
* Improves speed of unit tests
* Slice JPEGs and GIFs with Chance
*SproutCore 1.5.0.pre.4.1 (March 1, 2011)*
* Fix bug in SC.TemplateCollectionView that was causing Todos demo not to work
in Firefox.
* Added default CSS for HTML-based projects.
*SproutCore 1.5.0.pre.4 (February 28, 2011)*
* We are beginning to move API that we don't believe will be ready before 1.5
release into the `experimental` framework. If your apps rely on code that is
migrated to experimental, please make sure you include it as a dependency. For
more, please see frameworks/experimental/
* Support for extending classes after they've been created with the
reopen()/enhance() combo. For more, see: [this
* This change may break existing code if you call sc_super() in your mixins.
If your app throws exceptions after updating, please see [this post](
* Added SC.TemplateView and Handlebars. These allow you to specify the content
of your views using templates.
* {{#view}} helper allows you to define child views
* {{#bind}} helper allows you to render a property, and automatically update DOM if that
property ever changes.
* {{#collection}} helpers allows you to render a simple collection of items
using templates
* SC.TextFieldSupport and SC.CheckboxSupport mixins for SC.TemplateViews
that wrap <input> elements.
* Split SC.View into units of functionality. SC.View remains functionally the
same, but you can now use SC.CoreView, a light-weight subset of SC.View.
* SC.ImageView will use a <canvas> tag on platforms that support it, which
improves performance significantly.
* SC.SegmentedView now creates an overflow menu if there are too many segments
to display.
* Class names for SC.SegmentedView have been cleaned up. You may need to
update your CSS if you were theming SC.SegmentedView.
* You can now observe the contents of enumerables using the special `@each`
* Dependent keys can accept property paths. For example, you can say
.property(''), and it will be invalidated if the `bar` property of
`foo` changes.
* Deprecated SC.viewportOffset(). Please use SC.offset() instead, which is
more explicit about what it returns.
* SC.browser now detects Android devices.
* SC.device.orientation now works reliably on desktop, iOS, and Android 2.1
and above.
* Experimental support for gyroscope information, if provided by the browser.
* Unit tests for runtime, desktop, foundation, core_foundation, and datastore
are all passing.
*SproutCore 1.5.0.pre.3 (February 3, 2011)*
* More fixes to Ruby 1.8/1.9 compat
*SproutCore 1.5.0.pre.2 (February 2, 2011)*
* Minor code cleanup
* Fixed Ruby 1.8 issues
*SproutCore 1.5.0.pre.1 (February 1, 2011)*
* Integrated Chance
* UTF-8 encoding fixes
* Improved minification and packing
* Add HTML5 application cache manifest configuration options and also disable in debug by default
* Deferred loading
* Fixes for css media query minifications
* Added .manifest and .htm into the default acceptable files
* Add --yui_minification flag to switch between closure compiler and yui compressor for minification
* Set PreferredLanguage earlier
* Changes to be able to build multiple languages
*SproutCore 1.4.5 (January 25, 2011)*
*Got Specs running again*
*Updated Copyrights*
*Added RSpec task back into Rakefile*
*Fixed issue with :combine_javascripts => false crashing*
*Corrected references to the old sproutit repo*
*SproutCore 1.4.4 (November 12, 2010)*
* Support for custom mime-types
* Pass in SC.build_mode to the app
*SproutCore 1.4.3 (October 19, 2010)*
* Better handling of Proxy Redirect
* Handle cases of missing net/https - Fixes #7
* Proxy: Use port 443 if secure and no port specified
* Fixes to Proxy Redirect support
* Fixes to SSL
* Cleanup to Builders - Fixes #2
* Wiped the old Rakefile since it wasn't applicable anymore
*SproutCore 1.4.2 (October 1, 2010)*
* Ignore swp files
* find_entry should not match partial filenames
* Made sc_static RegExp not greedy
* Fixed redundancy in sc-init description
* Fixes to allow uppercase files to be found by sc_require.
*SproutCore 1.4.1 (September 21, 2010)*
* Fixed string escaping issue in call to YUI Compressor [PDW]
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