A Jenkins plugin to notify you about a build.
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Jenkins Build Notifications Plugin

This plugin is now maintained at the Jenkins GitHub Organization


This is a plugin to enable build notifications through Pushover, Telegram or even Boteco.

How to build

Just execute a mvn package and upload the hpi package to your Jenkins instance.

How to configure

There are global and specific options:

Global options

Global options should be configured in Jenkins System Configuration. You'll need to set an Application Token for Pushover and/or a Bot Token for Telegram.

Specific options

There are per-job configurations. You need to add a post-build step (there is a separated step for each notification service) and configure the target to receive notifications.

How you'll be notified

Notifications will include:

  • The project's name
  • The build number
  • The build result
  • The build's changes
  • The build link

If you are receiving notifications through Pushover, the notification will be sent with high priority in case of a fail build, low priority in case of a success build and normal priority for the other cases.

Note that Telegram doesn't have a way to set priority for messages (and is understandable because Telegram is a chat platform and not a notification platform like Pushover).

How to contribute

Open an issue, spread the project, use it, fork it...