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Tic Tac Quiz

Collaborative project by Devon Hackley, Tisha Greenidge, Paolo Chidrome, and Peter Tynan

Play the game online now

Project Overview

We created a Tic Tac Toe quiz game made for 2 players. Players take turns; on their turn a player will select a square, and then must correctly answer a random question to place their mark in that square. Same as the tic tac toe you know and love - the game ends when one player places 3 of their marks in a row and wins.

User Profiles and Statistics

Unique usernames track the number of wins, losses, and draws for that player. Players can look at the Leaderboard and see a list of the players with the best win/loss records!


Our quiz asks questions about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but what if a teacher wants to use it for another subject? We've given users the option to create and save their own quiz, and play Tic Tac Quiz using their custom Question Banks!

Project Guidelines

User Stories

  • As an educator, I want to make studying interesting and engaging for my students so that they will be excited to learn.

  • As an educator, I want to choose what type of questions I create so that I can make quizzes that are relevant to the topics I want to test.

  • As an educator, I want to be able to restart the game whenever I want.

  • As an educator, I want to create and save my own quizzes so that I can access them anytime I wish.

  • As a student, I want to compete with my classmates while learning so that I will have an enjoyable learning experience.

  • As a student, I want to understand the rules and how to win so that I can have a fair chance of playing against my opponent.

  • As a student, I want the interface to be easy to use so that I will be inclined to use the site again.

  • As a student, I want to see a leaderboard to keep track of my stats.

  • As a student, I want to click on an available tile so that I can attempt to win the tile by answering the question.

  • As a student, I want to be able to enter my username so that I can see my statistics during and after play.

  • As a developer, I want to finish the project in 4 days so that I will meet the project deadline.

  • As a developer, I want the user to be able to enter their own questions and answers so that the application can me more meaningful to them by creating their own quizzes.

  • As a developer, I want to disable tiles that have already been won so that only tiles with available questions may be selected by a player.

  • As a developer, I want there to be a tiebreaker when one square has been answered wrong too many times so that there will be a stopping point to the game.

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