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This is the collected knowledge of the Enterprise Dojo Consortium. We focus on helping our organizations improve the flow of software delivery.

How to contribute

This is site is built using Hugo, a Golang-based static site generator. The Hugo Getting Started guide shows how to install Hugo locally for content development.

To add content:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Make your changes and send a pull request (PR).
  3. If you're not yet ready for a review, add "WIP" to the PR name to indicate it's a work in progress.
  4. Continue updating your doc and pushing your changes until you're happy with the content.
  5. When you're ready for a review, add a comment to the PR, and remove any "WIP" markers.

To check out the changes as you make them and verify content run npm start and navigate to localhost:1313. This will serve the site and watch for changes.

Formatting content

This site uses the Google Docsy theme. Documentation for content creation utilizing the theme can be found in their documentation and you can find an example site with formatting options at


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