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Getting Started

The DevRel Collective (formerly Evangelist Collective aka We Are Developer Evangelists aka WADE) exists to facilitate sharing information, resources, and encouragement among the professional Developer Advocates, Evangelists, and Technical Community Manager community. If you share a passion for nurturing developer communities, are working as a full-time DevRel professional, and would like to get to know a great group of friendly peers, reach out about joining the collective.

Interested in Joining

If your job title aligns with one of those mentioned above, please fill out the form to join. If it doesn't and you'd still like to reach out to our community, please open an Issue on this repo.

New Members

Welcome! First and foremost, check out our Code of Conduct. The TL;DR:

  • Be respectful
  • Abusive behavior is never tolerated
  • Data published to DevRel Collective is hosted at the discretion of the administrators, and may be removed
  • Violations of this code may result in swift and permanent expulsion from the community

We're here to help

We have a team of awesome people around to keep DevRel Collective running smoothly. If you ever need help or get stuck, use the !mods shortcut and someone will come running! A few more tips to get you started:

  • Say hi in the #welcome channel to meet everyone or hop into a conversation in #general. Feel free to introduce yourself and say hi to those people you may have met elsewhere, and meet those that you haven't yet had the pleasure of getting to know. Don't worry about not being "technical enough" or feel like you have to know everyone to fit in. We're a very welcoming group, and we've got everyone from event managers to CTOs in here, so we're sure you'll find someone to talk to!
  • Find a city room to connect with those folks who are in your local area, or in a city you're traveling to. Post your upcoming events, see who's around, and meet up in person to get to know the community better.
  • If you're on the road as often as the rest of us are, you'll want to join the #on-the-road-again channel. You can figure out who's going to be where when, what the hot conferences are, and when you'll have a chance to meet your new internet best friend IRL.
  • Lastly, make yourself at home! Check out the various channels, ask questions, share ideas, and meet new friends.
  • Suggestions on how to make the group better? Visit us over at #moderators.
  • Know other people that you think might be a good fit for the group? Have them request an invite.

Introduce yourself!

Open a PR on the file and add your contact information (as much as you feel comfortable with). This helps everyone get to know each other better!

Big Picture

The purpose of DevRel Collective is to answer the question of "what would you say you do here?"

How to Use This Repo

This is the DevRel Collective's place to store documentation and track ideas we want to pursue. Please open issues or pull requests if you want to participate in either.

How Can I Help?

Aww shucks, thanks for asking! Check out our get involved documentation. It's always nice to see you open an issue or PR saying you'd be game to help and how (documentation, coding, strategy, marketing).


Our collective is an inclusive thought experiment started by Dave Josephsen, Florian Motlik, and Mary Thengvall, and is now supported by a group of volunteers including a Board of Directors and an Admin Team. See our Governance Model for more information.


Your home for knowledge sharing 🏑 πŸ“š| Welcome all DevRel πŸ₯‘



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