Simple http proxy which is written in python3.4 with asyncio
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Simple http proxy made in python 3.4

This is proof-of-concept code.

The main purpose of WARP is bypassing, which is a Deep Packet Inspection that operated by Korea Government.

For more information, please see

You should run this proxy in your local computer.


  • python >= 3.4.0

How to install

You can install warp using pip:

$ pip install warp-proxy

Or if you're interested in bleeding edge of the master branch give it a try:

$ git clone git://
$ cd warp/
$ pip install -e .

How to use

  1. run warp command (or you might need to run instead if setuptools isn't installed in your system)

    $ warp
  2. set browser's proxy setting to

    http proxy

    host: port: 8800

Command help

$ python --help


MIT License (included in


  1. WARP를 사용함으로써 생기는 모든 책임은 사용자에게 있습니다.
  2. WARP의 코드 기여자들은 사용에 관한 책임을 지지 않습니다.


  1. may not work in
    • some ISPs
    • some company firewalls
    • some school firewalls
    • some browers (will be fixed later)

Special thanks to