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release 2.3.2
- tidied up copyright and changelog information for releases 2.3 and later
release 2.3.1 (Dan Pascu)
- implemented a structure detection technique that fixes problems with
optimised jumps in Python >= 2.3. In the previous release (decompyle 2.3),
these problems meant that some files were incorrectly decompiled and others
could not be decompiled at all. With this new structure detection
technique, thorough testing over the standard python libraries suggests
that decompyle 2.3.1 can handle everything that decompyle 2.2beta1 could,
plus new Python 2.3 bytecodes and constructs.
release 2.3 (Dan Pascu)
- support for Python 2.3 added
- use the marshal and disassembly code from their respective python
versions, so that decompyle can manipulate bytecode independently
of the interpreter that runs decompyle itself (for example it can
decompile python2.3 bytecode even when running under python2.2)
release 2.2beta1 (hartmut Goebel)
- support for Python 1.5 up to Python 2.2
- no longer requires to be run with the Python interpreter version
which generated the byte-code.
- requires Python 2.2
- pretty-prints docstrings, hashes, lists and tuples
- decompyle is now a script and a package
- added emacs mode-hint and tab-width for each file output
- enhanced test suite: more test patterns, .pyc/.pyo included
- avoids unnecessary 'global' statements
- still untested: EXTENDED_ARG
internal changes:
- major code overhoul: splitted into several modules, clean-ups
- use a list of valid magics instead of the single one from
- uses copies of '' for every supported version. This ensures
correct disassemling of the byte-code.
- use a single Walker and a single Parser, thus saving time and memory
- use augmented assign and 'print >>' internally
- optimized 'Walker.engine', the main part of code generation
release 0.6.0: (hartmut Goebel)
- extended print (Python 2.0)
- extended import (Python 2.0) (may not cover all cases)
- augmented assign (Python 2.0) (may not cover all cases)
- list comprehensions (Python 2.0)
- equivalent for 'apply' (Python 1.6)
- if .. elif .. else are now nested as expected
- assert test, data
- unpack list corrected (was the same as unpack tuple)
- fixed unpack tuple (trailing semicolon was missing)
- major speed up :-)
- reduced memory usage (pre-alpha-0.5 has increased it a lot)
- still missing: EXTENDED_ARG
pre-alpha-0.5: (hartmut Goebel)
- *args, **kwargs
- global
- formal tuple parameters (eg. def a(self, (x,y,z)) )
- actual lambda parameters (eg. X(lambda z: z**2) )
- remove last 'return None' in procedures
- remove last 'return locals()' in class definitions
- docstrings
pre-alpha-0.4: (hartmut Goebel)
- assert
- try/except/finally
- parentheses in expressions
- nested expressions
- extracted dissassemble() from module dis and
removed ugly redirect of stdout, thus saved a lot of
ugly code and a lot of memory
pre-alpha-0.3: (hartmut Goebel)
- keyword arguments
- some boolean expressions
- and/or
- complex conditions in if/while
- read byte-code from .pyc without importing
- access to the body of classes and modules
- class and function definitions
- a = b = c = xxx
pre-alpha-0.1 -> pre-alpha-0.2:
- SET_LINENO filtered out in lexer now
- added support for subscripts (just for Christian Tismer :-)
- fixed bug with handling of BUILD_{LIST,TUPLE} & CALL_FUNCTION
- dict-building support
- comparison support
- exec support
- del support
- pass support
- slice support
- no more extraneous (albeit legal) commas
- finally, it excepts try [sic] but not all 42 variations of it