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GIT utilities

A couple of small utilities to extend git

  • git-ignore -- add the given file to the project .gitignore file

  • git-foreach -- prefix for other git commands to run them in the current directory and each subdirectory that contains a git module. Rather like git submodule foreach except it does not require submodules.

  • git-remerge-as-branch -- Retroactively create a feature branch. For any commits that have not, yet, been pushed, move them onto a branch, reset the current branch to the pushed status and merge the branch using --no-ff.

  • git-changes -- show the changes introduced by a given commit. If commit has only one parent (a normal, file changing commit) this will show only the changes in that single commit. if commit has 2 parents (e.g. a branch merge), this will show the changes merged for the entire branch.