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Throttle Twizy charge current using an Arduino
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This is a very simple tool to limit the Twizy charge current if you don't have an OVMS.

It can limit the charge current to a fixed level (defined in the config file) or use a coded rotary switch or simple DIP switch for dynamic level adjustment. It can signal the charging state and active throttling by LEDs.

See wiring scheme for an example using a coded rotary switch.

The Arduino needs to be connected to the Twizy CAN bus during the charge process to be able to actively overwrite the charge current control frames.

Note: using an interrupt capable CAN shield is highly recommended. No attempt at reducing the Arduino current consumption is made, include a power switch or fork and extend the code for sleep mode (and send me a pull request).


Author: Michael Balzer

Libraries used:

This is free software under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

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