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A minimal dotcloud to host an instance of pypiserver
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This is a bare bones application that hosts an instance of pypiserver on the cloud.

Authentication is configured in the htpasswd file; currently a single user foo exists with password bar.

Platforms supported


Runs as a single python3.2 (the latest of version dotcloud supports at the time of this writing) service that hosts an instance of pypiserver.

Uploaded packages are stored in the dotcloud instance persistent directory, ~/data. AFAIK, this will not scale as ~/data is not replicated across instances.


Runs the WSGI application in using the bottle runner embedded in pypiserver in the web process.

Uploaded packages are stored in ~/data. Since heroku does not persist any of the directories on a dyno, you will lose packages between heroku pushs. Need to figure out a better solution for this.

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