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REST wrapper for Activiti workflow invocation
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The Activiti Wrapper project is a Spring Boot application, that wraps endpoints of the activiti API. Activit wrapper exposes an endpoint for invocation of processes on Activiti using Activitis REST api. To call the wrapper no authentication is needed. The authentication is done by the wrapper itself and can be configured on startup.

How to run the application

  • Download the jar from Maven Central Repository

  • Run the application by executing the following command (Maybe you have to adjust the version in the command)

    java -jar activiti.wrapper-0.0.1.jar --activiti.uri="SERVER_BASE_URI" --activiti.user="ACTIVITI_USER" --activiti.password="ACTIVITI_PASSWORD"

    Example value for SERVER_BASE_URI: http://localhost:8080/activiti-rest/service

Test the application

For testing install and run the eternnoir/activiti docker image. IMPORTANT: Because the Activiti REST service and the explorer service both by default use their own in memory db you have to additionally spin up a MySQL-container as described in chapter Linking to MySQL Container

Then upload the process System.create.PRE-ACTION.bpmn20.xml, which can be found in resources directory and execute the REST-request described in RequestSample.txt.

Release manual

Local release

  1. Add the following server to your maven settings.xml
  1. Create branch with name release

  2. Build the project

  • Execute mvn -Prelease clean install on sources
  1. Release the application by executing the following commands
  • mvn release:prepare
  • mvn release:perform

Release on TeamCity

On TeamCity there is a release configuration defined for the project. When starting the release plan the project will be released and the generated artifact will be uploaded to Maven Central Repository

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