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Anyhotkey™ script that extends keyboard with typographic keys.
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Typographic Hotkeys

Typographic Hotkeys™ extend default Windows keyboard with some useful typographic tools. [insert image] Script enables Mac OS X special characters shortcuts, Linux compose keys premised with Solaris compose keys and other combinations, easy input of HTML symbol codes, Ilya Birman keyboard layout behaviour, MS Office-like autocorrection and other typographic opportunities. Besides, Typographic Hotkeys℠ supplies color convertor, that can transform recognized colors in selection to any color format, get utf code function, that can get utf code of selected symbol and in-place fake data generator.


  1. Download and install Autohotkey
  2. Download Typographic Hotkeys archive, extract it anywhere (i. e. My Documents) and open it with Autohotkey™

Use Cases

1. Inserting characters

There are few ways to insert special characters.

  1. Shortcuts. Use OS X shortcuts for special characters, just as if you were using Mac. For example, Alt + - = , Shift + Alt + - = , … See full list of shortcuts. More, if you press Alt + [Key] multiple times, it will alternate variants.
  2. Compose Keys. Symbols are inserted by means of typing some characters while Compose Key being pressed. Compose Key is assigned to the AltGr (the same as Right Alt). Compose combinations vastly extended to cover a lot more than just Linux/Solaris combinations, see full list.
  3. Typing in brackets. Type sequence in square brackets, and it will be automatically changed to according symbol, if exists one. For example, [beta] will be changed to β, and [mdash], as well as [---] will be changed to . Supports HTML Symbol Codes, compose key combinations and other sequences (see full list).
  4. Windows Alt-codes. You can still type keys by Alt + uCode. For example, Alt+0151 will get . Unicode sequences are included to combinations, so typing [0151] will result the same.

2. Autoreplacements

Sequences below will be automatically transformed when typing has finished

  • (c)©
  • (r)®
  • ...
  • spaces after prepositions → [nbsp]

4. Fake data generator

Text, dif languages, fake data, fake imgs


  • Generate data hotkey for handling selection w/data
  • Color convertor
  • Image with description
  • typographic test pages (font, type elements)
  • html elements ()
  • all possible symbols from utfgraphics
  • gethtmlcode, getutf
  • readme
  • numerous tests
  • pr: habrahabr, typographic community, authors of blogs, questions in forums, official forum, mythgol, retrogroup vk, Alex Bur, Korolkova, UTF table idea, Serof Lexa, Wikipedia, get link on script in every comment with (c), lj designers, grammar nazi & I ♥ ru public …
  • rename to the web-designer keyboard, make rgb convertor
  • cyrillics full cover & combos & extended
  • think & make scenarious: habr image, linux user become windows, etc
  • wikipedia typographic symbols
  • a lot of documentation
  • make .exe and test autoload (startup)
  • fix all bugs
  • Make text selected when lorem ipsum generator worked out. It will allow to copy or delete this text

Have done

✕ Project is closing

Reasons of escaping:

  • It's difficult to implement nice GUI with Autohotkey™. It only suggests simple basic components, which is not very suitable for application's cases. C/C++ will allow to implement any UI.
  • Any crossplatform idea is hacked at the root; C/C++ code will allow to think about migration.
  • Autohotkey scripts swarms with bugs, which is difficult to catch and to understand.
  • Very unusual syntax of autohotkey scripts (a mix of Pascal, JavaScript and VBasic‽) with a lot of oddities in behaviour.
  • No JSON support.
  • Difficult debugging of DllCalls and memory-related tasks.
  • Low flexibility & speed.

I'm planning to replace typographic hotkeys with Web-developer's keyboard – a better native replacement written on C++.




Fake data generator was highly inspired by Faker PHP library, than was inspired by Faker Ruby gem, that was inired by Faker perl lib

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