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Search ADS for author:year citations using a single query

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where {query} is something like:


which will search for all papers by Roediger. More sophisticatedly,

widrow courteau 2007

will search for papers by Widrow and Courteau in 2007. You can also search between two years by typing

widrow courteau 1986 2011

which is equivalent to

2011 widrow courteau 1986

or any other permutation.

You can also include or anywhere in the search phrase to change the logic:

widrow or courteau 1991 2007

You can include a ^ before one of the names to search for publications with that person as first author only:

^courteau 2001 2007

Finally, you must quote any multi-word names as follows

"^de lucia" 2006


"Widrow, L" 2011

I recommend using this with Alfred's custom search on your Mac.

Inspired by: Jonathan Sick.

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