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Data Integrity Proof Protocol middleware for #golang
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Data Integrity Proof Protocol middleware in Go

Simple protocol to provide your users with irrefutable proofs of the output of your service, as pioneered by

Using the protocol

Have your users pass the:

X-Data-Integrity-Proof: true

header in requests to your service. The protocol then returns an X-Data-Integrity-Proof hash back in the response headers.

If any data integrity issues arise, bring the returned payload along with the proof to claim your bounty. This will provide us with irrefutable proof that we did serve the payload.

Note: this will not work on websocket streams.

Integrate the middleware

In a Go service, use:

router := http.NewServeMux()
// Add routes to router

secret := "this is a randomly generated secret that is at least 32 bytes long"

_ = http.ListenAndServe(":8080", dipp.NewProofMiddleware(secret, router))


When you receive report of faulty data, users can provide the proof you gave them, with the payload they received.

Use the provided dipp-checker tool to do validation, which you can install with:

go get

and run as:

dipp-checker \
    "this is a randomly generated secret that is at least 32 bytes long" \
    "the-proof-provided-by-the-user-in-hexadecimal" \

to validate integrity.

Initial work

The platform started this initiative alongside its Data Integrity Bounty Program.

See for details.



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