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He, who survives his reputation, lives out of despite himself, like a man listening to his own reproach.

Theme for the Hugo static site generator.


$ cd your_site_repo/
$ mkdir themes
$ cd themes
$ git clone

See the official Hugo themes documentation for more info.


Right now the featureset is incomplete, but it has:

  • Comprehensive set of social media links in the navbar
  • SVG icons for each social media outlet -- different choices are a matter of editing one svg file
  • Webmentions receive integration, with simple webmention styling
  • Flexbox-based design

To be added to the featureset are:

  • Twitter Card and OpenGraph Media links
  • Customisation of rss generation

Note that while I wrote this to learn Hugo, golang templating & flexbox, it is heavily customised to my own site. It may not be useful for you.

Other features will be added here as I add them to the theme.


This theme expects a relatively standard Hugo blog/personal site layout:

└── content
    ├── post
    |   ├──
    |   └──
    ├──        // For the love of reason, licence _your_ work!

Just run hugo --theme=reproach to generate your site!


The config.toml should be set up with the users social media accounts, e.g.

    name = "Zaphod Beeblebrox"
    nick = "zaphod"
    email = "zaphod@beeblebr.ox"
    google_plus = "ZaphodBeeblebrox"
    twitter = "hoopyfrood"
    github = "hoopyfrood"


All feedback is welcome! Head over to the issue tracker.


Released under the MIT license.

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