StarCraft: Brood War AI in Scala
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An extensible AI player for StarCraft: Brood War


PurpleWave is a StarCraft: Brood War AI written in Scala. It can play all races and a large variety of strategies.

PurpleWave has won:

PurpleWave vs. Iron, AIIDE 2017:

PurpleWave vs. Iron, AIIDE 2017


Thanks to:

  • Nathan Roth (Antiga/Iruian) for strategy advice and consulting -- so much of the polish in PurpleWave's strategies comes from his wisdom and replay analysis
  • @jaj22/JohnJ for lots of advice navigating Brood War mechanics
  • @IMP42 @AdakiteSystems and @tscmoo for helping me get BWAPI up and running when I was getting started
  • @kovarex @heinermann @bgweber @certicky @krasi0 @davechurchill and the Cognition & Intelligence Lab at Sejong University for making Brood War competitions possible in the first place
  • @vjurenka for BWMirror and Luke Perkins for BWTA

How to build PurpleWave

See build instructions in


  • Clone or download this repository (I keep it in c:\p\pw but it should work from anywhere)
  • Put bwmirror_v2_5.jar in /lib
  • Make a copy of bwmirror_v2_5.jar called
  • From, extract bwapi_bridge2_5.dll, libgmp-10.dll, and libmpfr-4.dll to /lib
  • Open IntelliJ IDEA
  • In IntelliJ IDEA: File -> Settings -> Plugins -> Check off Scala
  • In IntelliJ IDEA: File -> Open -> Select the PurpleWave directory
  • In IntelliJ IDEA: File -> Project Structure -> Select the Java Development Kit directory (like c:\Program Files\Java\jdk\1.8.0_121)
  • In IntelliJ IDEA: File -> Project Structure -> Modules -> The green "+" -> Scala -> Create... -> Download... -> 2.12.6... -> OK
  • In IntelliJ IDEA: File -> Project Structure -> Modules -> Dependencies -> Under "Export" check both bwmirror_v2_5 and scala-sdk-2.12.6
  • In IntelliJ IDEA: Build -> Build Artifacts... -> Build

This will produce PurpleWave.jar. See below for "How to run PurpleWave"

You should find PurpleWave.exe in a directory with several DLLs which it needs to run:

  • BWAPI.dll
  • bwapi_bridge2_5.dll
  • libgmp-10.dll
  • libmpfr-4.dll

How to run PurpleWave

  • From IntelliJ IDEA: Run -> Run 'PurpleWave' or Debug 'PurpleWave'
  • As a JAR: java.exe -jar ./out/artifacts/PurpleWave.jar <-- Make sure you use a 32-bit version of java.exe!

Questions and feedback

Say hi! Post an issue here on Github or email dsgant at gmail


PurpleWave is published under the MIT License. Make PurpleWave your own!