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A simple Rails app for testing CRUD with ember.js and ember-data.js
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Ember Data Example

This is a simple Rails 3.2 app created to demo Ember.js, Ember-Data and Active Model Serializers. It uses the edge versions of Ember and Ember Data.

The app itself is a simple, single-page contact manager styled with Twitter Bootstrap.

Screen shot


Assuming Ruby 1.9.2+ with bundler gem installed:

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake db:migrate
$ rails s



MiniTest::Unit is used for testing the Rails application. To invoke tests:

$ bundle exec rake test


Capybara is used for integration testing. By default, the poltergeist driver is used, although selenium could be used as well. To change drivers, update the following line in test_helper.rb:

Capybara.default_driver = :selenium

Integration tests are performed by default when running bundle exec rake test. You can just run integration tests with:

$ bundle exec rake test:integration


The konacha test framework is used for testing the Ember application. To invoke the tests from the command line:

$ bundle exec rake konacha:run

To debug and run the tests in the browser, invoke:

$ bundle exec rake konacha:serve

... and then navigate to http://localhost:3500.

Contributions Welcome :)

Please help improve this example by filing issues and pull requests!


Chandu Tennety is maintaining a fork of this project that uses Emblem.js templates.


Copyright 2012 Dan Gebhardt. MIT License (see LICENSE for details).

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