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package internal
import (
// NewCookie returns a new http.Cookie with the given value and CookieConfig
// properties (name, max-age, etc.).
// The MaxAge field is used to determine whether an Expires field should be
// added for Internet Explorer compatability and what its value should be.
func NewCookie(config gologin.CookieConfig, value string) *http.Cookie {
cookie := &http.Cookie{
Name: config.Name,
Value: value,
Domain: config.Domain,
Path: config.Path,
MaxAge: config.MaxAge,
HttpOnly: config.HTTPOnly,
Secure: config.Secure,
// IE <9 does not understand MaxAge, set Expires if MaxAge is non-zero.
if expires, ok := expiresTime(config.MaxAge); ok {
cookie.Expires = expires
return cookie
// expiresTime converts a maxAge time in seconds to a time.Time in the future
// if the maxAge is positive or the beginning of the epoch if maxAge is
// negative. If maxAge is exactly 0, an empty time and false are returned
// (so the Cookie Expires field should not be set).
func expiresTime(maxAge int) (time.Time, bool) {
if maxAge > 0 {
d := time.Duration(maxAge) * time.Second
return time.Now().Add(d), true
} else if maxAge < 0 {
return time.Unix(1, 0), true // first second of the epoch
return time.Time{}, false
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