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This repository contains code that reproduces the analyses of the following study:

Dimitrios - Georgios Kontopoulos, Bernardo García-Carreras, Sofía Sal, Thomas P. Smith, and Samraat Pawar: Use and misuse of temperature normalisation in meta-analyses of thermal responses. 2017. [Submitted]


As the scripts are written in Python 2.7.6, Perl 5.18, and R 3.3.1, a number of modules or packages need to be preinstalled.

In particular:

  • For Python 2.7.6:
    • bigfloat, version 0.2.1
    • lmfit, version 0.8.1
    • numpy, version 1.9.1
    • scipy, version 0.14.0
  • For Perl 5.18:
    • Readonly, version 2.00
    • Statistics::R, version 0.34
    • Text::CSV_XS, version 1.12
  • For R 3.3.1:
    • ggalt, version 0.4.0
    • ggplot2, version 2.2.1
    • minpack.lm, version 1.2-1
    • party, version 1.0-18


At the top of each script there is a small description of its purpose and the command that can be used to run it. Some directories (e.g., "Results/"; see each script) need to be manually created for the output files to be generated.