Demo app for Full Stack Toronto Conference
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##Demo app for the Full Stack Toronto Conference

This demo contains a 5-app micro-service system that uses UI composition and federated auth using Facebook as a provider. When hosted on, it also runs Nginx as a service to provide front-end routing. When run locally, each app is reached directly using localhost:port.

The repo has five sub-folders containing micro-services that need to be individually started:


In order to run the demo locally, you need the following:

  • Register an app with Facebook and obtain client and secret.
  • Create 'auth.json' in each app's subfolder as follows:
	"auth": {
		"Facebook": {
			"client": "-my-app-client-",
			"secret": "-my-app-secret-"
  • Configure the Facebook app to accept http://localhost:3000, http://localhost:3100, http://localhost:3200 and http://localhost:3300 as valid callback URIs (so that authentication can work locally)
  • Download and start RabbitMQ using the default port.
  • Download and start Redis using the default port.
  • Navigate into each of the five folders listed above and type 'npm install' to fetch the Node modules as specified in package.json.
  • Start each app by opening a separate shell, navigating to its subfolder, and typing:
NODE_ENV=local node app.js