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Node package to scan pokemon through PokeVision's API.

This package uses PokeVision's internal API to query the location of pokemon close to the given coordinates. As PokeVision's service, no authentication is required.

This project is not endorsed in any way by PokeVision or Niantic, use it at your own risk.


I'm closing this project, since PokeVision has kept asking me to do so. I built it for fun, and since they are against people using their internal API this way, I don't feel comfortable making it publicly available anymore. Apologies to everyone using it.

I'm not sure about the proper etiquette for deleting active projects from GitHub, so I'm leaving this readme to let everyone using it know.

Alternatives to PokeVision

If you would like to look for alternatives to PokeVision's API, you can take a look at the tobiasbueschel/awesome-pokemon list. A great self-hosted Pokemon GO map that may match your needs is AHAAAAAAA/PokemonGo-Map. And if you are looking for a Pokemon GO API made for Node, Armax/Pokemon-GO-node-api appears to stand out.