A script for downloading course material (video's, pdfs, quizzes, etc) from coursera.org
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A python package for archiving content from coursera.org (videos, lecture notes, ...) for offline reference. Originally forked from https://github.com/abhirama/coursera-download but significantly cleaned up and enhanced.

Some people have asked if they could donate something. If you wish you can do so here:



Make sure you have installed Python 2.7 and pip.

Then simply run: pip install coursera-dl

This will create a coursera-dl script in /usr/local/bin (linux), c:\Python2.7\Scripts (windows), or /opt/local/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/bin (OSX).

Note exact paths may vary depending on your system.

(to upgrade use pip install --upgrade)


See: coursera-dl -h

Example usage:

coursera-dl -u myusername -p mypassword -d /my/coursera/courses/ algo-2012-001 ml-2012-002

Note: you can also specify your login and password in .netrc file in your home directory. Just add this line to ~/.netrc

machine coursera-dl login myusername password mypassword

Now you can use coursera-dl like this:

coursera-dl -d /my/coursera/courses/ algo-2012-001 ml-2012-002

Note: ensure you have accepted the honor code of the class before using this script (happens the very first time you go to the class page).