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A Mesos binding for Clojure
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A Clojure library that provides integration with Mesos via the Java API.

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This library has the exact same functions and callbacks as the Java Mesos API, except for the Log API. You can declare an instance of a Scheduler or an Executor with a proxy-like interface:

(def myscheduler
  (clj-mesos.scheduler/scheduler (registered [driver fid mi]
                                   (println "registered" fid mi))
                                 (resourceOffers [driver offers]
                                   (clojure.pprint/pprint offers))))

Any unimplemented callbacks will just be noops.

To use the Scheduler or Executor, you can create a driver and use the functions to activate it:

;; Create a driver
(def overdriver
    myscheduler {:user "" :name "testframework"} "localhost:5050"))

;; Call a function on the driver
(clj-mesos.scheduler/start overdriver)
(clj-mesos.scheduler/stop overdriver))

Note that the functions you call on the driver are using normal Clojure case rules: all lowercase, with -s separating the words. On the other hand, the callbacks use the Java camelCase standard.


clj-mesos has been used to support a major production workload since June 2014.


Copyright © 2013 David Greenberg

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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