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Quantum-mimetic imaging

by Dheera Venkatraman
Doctoral thesis
© Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2015. All rights reserved.

Many recent experiments have explored the use of nonclassical states of light to perform imaging or sensing. Although these experiments require quantum descriptions of light to explain their behavior, the advantages they claim are not necessarily unique to quantum light. This thesis explores the underlying principles behind two of those imaging techniques and realizes classical experiments that demonstrate properties similar to their quantum counterparts.

The principal contributions of this thesis in the preceding quantum-mimetic imaging paradigm are the experimental implementation of phase-conjugate optical coherence tomography and phase-sensitive ghost imaging, two experiments whose quantum counterparts utilize phase-sensitive light with nonclassical strength. This thesis also explores the use of compressed sensing to further speed up acquisition of ghost imaging.

Finally, a new paradigm inspired by compressed sensing is demonstrated, in which high-quality depth and reflectivity images are simultaneously captured using only the first photon arrival at each pixel. This paradigm is also extended to the case of single-photon APD arrays which may offer few-photon low-light imaging capabilities beyond what is possible with current camera technologies.

Result image