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Link Scrubber -- a bookmark cleaner

With the announcement that Google Reader is being shuttered, I decided I needed to go through my bookmarks and update any that point to a URL while their redirecting service is still online. This script does that automatically.

What does it do?

link_scrubber processes all of your bookmarks, looking for those that redirect. It adds a new bookmark with the target of the redirect and all the same metadata from the original link. By default, only URLs from are processed, but there are command line options to process all redirects or to add more individual sites.

The links are processed in small batches to reduce the load of individual calls against the pinboard API server, so it can take a while to process. Once a batch of links is fetched, it is checked in parallel to speed things up a little.


Install via pip:

$ pip install git+
$ pip install linkscrubber


Unfortunately, python-pinboard does not have a PyPI release, yet, so it needs to be installed first.


To use it, pass your user token to the -t option, or use your username and password with the --user and --password options.

$ linkscrubber -t token


$ linkscrubber -u username -p password

or, leave off the password and you will be prompted

$ linkscrubber -u username

To see what would be changed, without making any changes, use the --dry-run option.

$ linkscrubber --dry-run -t token

For the full list of options, use:

$ linkscrubber -h


You should back up your account before running the script. I have done some testing, but only against one account. Yours might behave differently.

Reporting Bugs

Use the github bug tracker at to report problems.

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