A web app to help you commute in Delhi!
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A web app to help you commute in Delhi!

Project Home : http://www.dtcbusroutes.in/

This project is inspired from http://busroutes.in (http://web.archive.org/web/20130424050914/http://busroutes.in/chennai/) and of course
the official site of DTC http://delhigovt.nic.in/dtcbusroute/dtc/Find_Route/getroute.asp !

How to run

  1. Install pip and virtualenv (Instructions are for debian systems, if you use RedHat/Fedora etc. search for respective package managers.)

    $ sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev build-essential 
    $ sudo pip install --upgrade pip 
    $ sudo pip install --upgrade virtualenv 
  2. Clone the repo, cd into it and run these commands to create a virtual environment

    ../dtc_bus_routes $ virtualenv venv             # creates a virtual environment
    ../dtc_bus_routes $ source venv/bin/activate    # activate it
    ... run the project steps 3,4,5,6 etc ... 
    ../dtc_bus_routes $ deactivate                  # deactivate it when you are done running the project
  3. Install the dependencies of the project

    (venv) ../dtc_bus_routes $ pip install -r requirements/local.txt
  4. Set the 'DATABASE_URL' according to your database in the environment.

    For example: 
    ../dtc_bus_routes $ export DATABASE_URL="postgresql://dbuser:dbRANDOMPASSWORD@localhost/dtc_bus_routes"
  5. Run these commands to create necessary tables and load initial data

    ../dtc_bus_routes $ python manage.py migrate                   # creates tables in db
    ../dtc_bus_routes $ python manage.py loaddata stage.json      # load initial data through json files
    ../dtc_bus_routes $ python manage.py loaddata route.json      # from busroutes/fixtures
    ../dtc_bus_routes $ python manage.py loaddata stageseq.json
  6. Run the development server

    ../dtc_bus_routes $ python manage.py runserver

    Go to to run the site.

How to contribute

You can contribute to code of the website by forking it and sending me a pull request after making changes or you can suggest features, report bugs here on github or on Facebook or on Twitter.


This project is licenced under GNU GPLv3 License.