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Android skeleton app for DHIS 2
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DHIS2 Android Skeleton App

The DHIS2 Android Skeleton App exist to provide a smooth first contact with the DHIS2 Android Sdk to the developers.

The DHIS2 Android Skeleton App

A Starting point

DHIS2 Skeleton App logo

The Skeleton App serves as an entry point for developers who want to build their own DHIS2 android app.

This application includes the DHIS2 Android Sdk and the DHIS2 Rule Engine dependencies and allows developers to log in to DHIS2 servers and download DHIS2 data and metadata. It's composed for a splash, a login activity and a main activity. It also provide a menu to log out and delete data.

DHIS2 Android Sdk repository
DHIS2 Rule Engine repository

How the app looks

Skeleton app feel and look

This app allows to:

  • Login/Logout
  • Download metadata
  • Download data
  • Wipe data

Use cases

In this repository it is also possible to find a branch named use-cases. This branch contains an application with DHIS2 Android Sdk use cases.

How the use cases app looks

Use cases feel and look

This app allows to:

  • Login/Logout
  • Download metadata
  • Download data
  • Upload data
  • Wipe data
  • Download file resources
  • Upload file resources
  • Create tracked entity instances
  • Search tracked entity instances
  • Create events without registration
  • Create data values
  • List programs
  • List data sets
  • List data set instances
  • List foreign key violations
  • List D2Errors
  • Show granular sync states
  • Execute code snippets
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