A more awesome library for Belkin WeMo interactions
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A more awesome library for Belkin WeMo interactions. With acknowledgements to wemo.js for protocol reference.



Toggle the first device found:

var wemore = require('wemore')

// with no args, a Discovery object is returned
//  that emits device events as they're discovered
var discovery = wemore.Discover()
.on('device', function(device) {
    discovery.close(); // stop discovering

Toggling a device by its friendly name:

var wemore = require('wemore')

// when the friendly name is provided, a Promise is returned
.then(function(device) {
    return device.toggleBinaryState();
.then(function() {
.fail(function(err) {
    console.error("Couldn't find device", err);

Emulate Devices

Wemore also provides a facility for emulating devices, allowing you to transparently respond to toggle events from another device on the network, like perhaps the Amazon Echo.

var wemore = require('wemore');

// note that each device needs a separate port:
var tv = wemore.Emulate({friendlyName: "TV", port: 9001}); // choose a port
var stereo = wemore.Emulate({friendlyName: "Stereo"}); // automatically assigned

stereo.on('listening', function() {
    // if you want it, you can get it:
    console.log("Stereo listening on", this.port);

tv.on('state', function(binaryState, self, sender) {
    console.log("TV set to=", binaryState);
    tv.close(); // stop advertising the device

// also, 'on' and 'off' events corresponding to binary state
stereo.on('on', function(self, sender) {
    console.log("Stereo turned on");

stereo.on('off', function(self, sender) {
    console.log("Stereo turned off");

If you need information about who requested the event, it is provided as a "Sender object" that looks something like this:

    address: '::ffff:',
    port: 12345

See Socket.remoteAddress for more information about these values.


Installing with -g provides the wemore-toggle executable:

usage: wemore-toggle <friendlyName>

It's simply a wrapper around the "toggle by friendly name" example above.