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Library for the creation of HUDs in iPhone applications. My goal is to support all features and bug fixes into a common release. This now ARCified

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ATMHud - Library for the creation of HUDs in iPhone applications

I once needed a HUD for one of my iPhone apps, but was unhappy with the currently available libraries on the internet. Therefore, I decided to create my own library. I've released it as a static library last year, but a lot of people wanted to see the source, so here it is.

-- Marcel [original author]


Create, configure, then show it. See the Demo app for more detail.

// Keep a strong ivar reference to it (ie, "ATMHud *hud")
hud = [[ATMHud alloc] initWithDelegate:self];  
// or  hud = [ATMHud new]; using the block delegate

[hud setCaption:@"Caption and an activity indicator."];
[hud setActivity:YES];
[hud showInView:self.view];
[hud hide];
// when the delegate method tells you it's finished, you can nil the ivar out if you want
hud = nil;
// if you use the block delegate, you can release the hud there (see DemoViewController)

**** Modifications, David Hoerl 2011-2014 ****

The reason I adopted this HUD is because it looks so nice, and it offered a wide range of customization options as well as the ability to get a slew of delegate messages as the HUD was presented and dismissed. Along with those you can get messages when the user taps within, or outside, the HUD.

I needed needed ARC, so I forked the project. My initial changes:

  • ARCified
  • Modern syntax, default setters (no @synthesize)
  • more of the existing properties exposed along with some new ones
  • blockDelegate along with or for use without the traditional 'delegate' callbacks
  • sound can be compiled out of the framework if you aren't using it (assuming most do not.)
  • converted to build error/warning free on iOS7 (required constant changes, many changes to UIKit extensions to NSString
  • 64 bit clean
  • handles view rotation (was a bug on original repository, unsure if I fixed it or not)


iOS7 circular determinate progress indicator (just ask for it!)


3.0.0 - 2/20/2014

  • Added a Podspec to CocoaPods for this version
  • Font now uses UIFont ' preferredFontForTextStyle:UIFontTextStyleSubheadline''
  • Drop shadow removed (code still there, you can enable it if desired) for a more iOS7 look
  • Modified appearance defaults to
    hud.appearScaleFactor = 0.8f;
    hud.disappearScaleFactor = 0.8f;
    hud.gray = 0.2f;
    hud.alpha = 0.8f;
  • Rolled in some of the original issues posted to atomcraft/ATMHud
    14 - Gray property to set background color to a gray (not black), and added a setCenter method
    15 - Screenshots in
    17 - Different orientation support? (assume this meant a landscape issue) 18 - use blocks api instead delegate 21 - Pull Request - Small performance update
    22 - Retain Cycle - changed property to "weak"
    23 - removeViewWhenHidden property added (use ATMHud without a delegate)
  • Experiment with various UI option by changing properties in DemoViewController (see pragma)

2.x.x - 2011 - 2013

  • various small tweaks, mostly to address Xcode Analyze errors
  • 64 bit clean

2.0.0 - 2011

  • Forked code
  • ARCified

1.2 - Original

The demo project shows of most of the ways you can display the HUD (but not all the UI customization options):

NOTE: The original author's text follows the screen shots.


Basic Functions Advanced Functions Simple Caption Caption With Activity Caption With Image Activity Only Caption With Progress Bar Fixed Size Caption With Progress Bar

***** Below is the original README text ******


  • iOS 4.0 or above
  • QuartzCore.framework
  • AudioToolbox.framework (only if you want to use sounds)


  • Autorotation support
  • Fixed or dynamic size
  • Multiple accessories
  • Automation
  • Animations
  • Delegation
  • Block user interaction
  • Enable superview interaction
  • Retina display support
  • Selectable accessory position
  • Queueing of multiple HUDs
  • Custom positioning or auto-centering
  • Customizable appearance
  • Sound effects

Installation & Usage

Just have a look at the sample project, everything is included there.


ATMHud is licensed under BSD, have a look at the appropriate file for more information.


  • Beta testers: @jonsterling @thermogl @GiloTM @phollow @Thyraz @saschalein @EdwinBrett @rbfigueira @abrrow @choise
  • @ChrisNTR for porting this to MonoTouch
  • @C418 for his awesome music as seen in the release video
  • and anyone else I forgot.
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