NGINX Authentication Plugin for privacyIDEA
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LUA based NGINX Authentication plugin for privacyIDEA

This LUA script enables the nginx webserver to authenticate against privacyIDEA using multiple factor authentication like OTP, Yubikey, etc and cache the result for a defined lifetime.

Redis is providing the server side cache (for successful HTTP Basic Authentications) similar to the privacyIDEA apache2 authentication module.

The lua script only requires the basic nginx-lua, lua-nginx-redis and lua-cjson module to be available


Configuration example nginx virtual host

location / {
    # redis host:port
    # set $privacyidea_redis_host "";
    # set $privacyidea_redis_post 6379;

    # how long are accepted authentication allowed to be cached
    # if expired, the user has to reauthenticate
    # set $privacyidea_ttl 900;

    # privacyIDEA realm. leave empty == default
    # set $privacyidea_realm 'somerealm'; # (optional)

    # pointer to the internal validation proxy pass
    # set $privacyidea_uri "/privacyidea-validate-check";

    # the salt will be used as key/salt for hashing the password
    # set $privacyidea_salt "some random string as hmac salt";

    # the http realm presented to the user
    # set $privacyidea_http_realm "Secure zone (use PIN + OTP)";

    access_by_lua_file 'privacyidea.lua';


# internal pointer to the validation server
# nginx lua support remote calls only via proxy_pass or
# by using direct sockect connections
location /privacyidea-validate-check {
    # proxy_ssl_verify off;
    proxy_pass https://privacyidea/validate/check;


Tested with Debian Jessie 8.0

apt-get install nginx-extras lua-nginx-redis lua-cjson redis-server