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4. ```config``` Allows you to pass in custom column names to be retrieved. THIS WILL CHANGE as "config" isn't nearly generic enough to not cause conflicts with other libraries.
5. ```descendents``` Retrieves direct descendents of a node
6. ```descendent_tree``` Returns an array of hashes containing a tree-like structure of a given node's descendents and sub-descendents.
History and Justification
This all started off as a fork of [acts_as_sane_tree](, until I discovered it would be an enormous pain to port it directly over to be rails 4 compatible. I read through a few things, and decided it would be best just to huck some SQL into a few methods and shape the data as needed. For now, it works fine.
As I've stated before, I want to optimize the SQL and clean up the code to be less repetitive, and get some actual benchmarks going.
I'm not using the other gems that provide tree like retrieval because I don't agree so much with nested sets, adjacency lists, and while materialized paths aren't awful, Postgres provides functionality that performs much better.

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