A low-lit fully responsive theme for Jekyll-Bootstrap.
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This is a fully responsive theme for Jekyll + Jekyll-Bootstrap. It is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap.



rake theme:install git="https://github.com/dhulihan/hooligan.git" 


You can preview this theme at the Jekyll-Bootstrap Theme Gallery.

Extra Stuff

This theme has some optional configuration support for social buttons. Just add your provider and username to _config.yml, like so:

  name: John Doe
  email: blah@email.test 
  github: johndoe
  twitter: johndoe
  feedburner: johndoe
  googleplus: johndoe
  # Whatever you specify for the linkedin option will be placed after `www.linkedin.com/in/`
  linkedin: johndoe

Icons with links to your profiles will then appear on the navbar. Your stalkers will love you for making things so easy!