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💻 Full-stack technical e-learning application built with React & Firebase
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A technical prep/learning platform application for developers & coders. Made with React.js (create-react-app) and Firebase real time database.

Planning: Original Site Map

Live site: Check it out live

*** Work in progress ***

Landing Page




Take Quizzes

Code Challenges


Study Page (by topic)

Question Feed


  • Users are authenticated via Google OAuth.
  • Upon sign in, users can take coding quizzes and coding challenges on '/dashboard'.
  • They can also checkout the /study path for the user submitted question feed. There they can create, edit, delete questions, as well as like and unlike other user's questions.
  • Users can also view flashcards to study interview questions by topic

Topics include:

  • Custom Routing
  • Integrating Firebase
  • Managing state
  • Registering users, Firebase for Google OAuth login
  • Logging users in and out
  • Creating, editing, and deleting interview questions from Firebase real time database

*** Currently under construction. To continue this app, I would integrate my /signup /signin forms with my routes, as well as the ability to create and edit quizzes.

Challenges Faced

As someone who has been working with SQL databases, switching to Firebase’s realtime database model was a struggle for me. In Firebase, I learned data duplication is key for handling data in different ways. If my app needed to display some data in a certain way in one place and another way somewhere else, (example user >-- user questions >-- questions) that means I needed to duplicate my data to multiple nodes. Even though the backend is my weakness when it comes to the fullstack, I will continue learning and implementing new ways of handling the reading and writing of data.

Another challenge was attempting responsiveness without the use of a framework.


You will need node or yarn installed on your computer in order to run this app.

Installation 📁

Inside your terminal or command prompt, navigate to the location of the cloned repo. Install the necessary dependencies by running either -

npm i


yarn install

NPM Packages

Built With

  • HTML5 & CSS3/SASS (semi-responsive)
  • Javascript - programming language
  • Firebase - real time cloud database
  • React.js - user interface library
  • Node.js - javascript runtime

Author 🔑

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