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Botkit library for Dialogflow
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DEPRECATED api-ai-botkit

This Dialogflow client library and Dialogflow API V1 have been deprecated and will be shut down on October 23th, 2019. Please migrate to Dialogflow API V2 and the v2 client library


Utility lib for creating bots. So far only tested with Slack.

For usage sample code see examples/sample_bot.js

Steps for using lib

Install library from npm

npm install --save api-ai-botkit

Import Library

const apiaibotkit = require('api-ai-botkit');

Create apiai object using token from website

const apiai = apiaibotkit(apiaiToken);

Use apiai object in controller.hears

controller.hears('.*', ['direct_message', 'direct_mention', 'mention'], function (bot, message) {
    apiai.process(message, bot);

Implement different reactions to appropriate actions

    .action('smalltalk.greetings', function (message, resp, bot) {
        var responseText = resp.result.fulfillment.speech;
        bot.reply(message, responseText);
    .action('input.unknown', function (message, resp, bot) {
        bot.reply(message, "Sorry, I don't understand");




Your use of this sample is subject to, and by using or downloading the sample files you agree to comply with, the Google APIs Terms of Service.

This is not an official Google product.

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