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Integrating Google Calendar API with Dialogflow's Fulfillment & Knowledge Connectors
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Dialogflow Bike Shop Sample

Setup Instructions

Dialogflow and Fulfillment Setup

To create this agent from our template:


Service Account Setup

  1. In Dialogflow's console, go to settings ⚙ and under the general tab, you'll see the project ID section with a Google Cloud link to open the Google Cloud console. Open Google Cloud.
  2. In the Cloud console, go to the menu icon ☰ > APIs & Services > Library
  3. Select Google Calendar API and then Enable to enable the API on your cloud project.
  4. Under the menu icon ☰ > APIs & Services > Credentials > Create Credentials > Service Account Key.
  5. Under Create service account key, select New Service Account from the dropdown and enter bike-shop-calendar for the name and click Create. In the popup, select Create Without Role.
    • JSON file will be downloaded to your computer that you will need in the setup sections below.

Bike Shop Calendar Setup

  1. Open the JSON file that was downloaded in the previous section and copy the email address indicated by the client_email field
// Ex:
  1. Open Google Calendar. On the left, next to Add a friend's calendar click the + and select New Calendar
  2. Enter Bike Shop for the name of the calendar and select Create Calendar. Next, go to the Bike Shop calendar that will appear on the left column.
  3. Paste the email copied from the first step into the Add people field of the Share with specific people section and then select Make changes to events in the permissions dropdown and select Send.
  4. While still in Settings, scroll down and copy the Calendar ID in the Integrate Calendar section.

Add Service Account and Calendar ID to Fulfillment

  1. Go to the index.js file in Dialogflow's Fulfillment section
  2. Take the Calendar ID copied from the prior section and replace <INSERT CALENDAR ID HERE> on line 24 of index.js.
// Ex:
const calendarId = '';
  1. Next copy the contents of the JSON file downloaded in the "Service Account Setup" section and paste it into the empty object on line 25 of index.js const serviceAccount = {}.
    const serviceAccount = {
      "type": "service_account",
      "project_id": "bikesample",
  1. Click Deploy at at the bottom of the page.

[OPTIONAL] Add Bike Shop FAQ Knowledge Connector

  1. Go to bike-shop-faq.csv in this repo > Raw > Copy the contents to a file on your computer.
  2. In Dialogflow's console go to Settings (⚙) > General tab > Enable Beta Features and APIs > Save.
  3. Go to the Knowledge tab in the left menu > Create Knowledge Base.
    • Name the knowledge base Bike Shop then Save
  4. Next, click Create the first one.
    • Use Bike Shop FAQ for document name,
    • text/csv for the "Mime Type",
    • FAQ for the "Knowledge type",
    • Under "Data source" > select Upload file from computer to upload bike-shop-faq.csv> Create.
  5. In the response section > click Add Response. In text response you should see $Knowledge.Answer[1] > Save.
  6. Try it out! In the simulator on the right enter do you sell ebikes?. You should see the exact response from the CSV you just uploaded: "We sell Electric bikes. We also can outfit your existing bike with a retrofit Bionx electric wheel kit. We do not do gas powered conversions."

Running the sample

  1. In Dialogflow's console, in the simulator on the right, query your Dialogflow agent with My bike is broken and respond to the questions your Dialogflow agent asks. After getting the required information, an appointment will be added to the "Bike Shop Calendar" calendar.

How to make contributions?

Please read and follow the steps in the




Your use of this sample is subject to, and by using or downloading the sample files you agree to comply with, the Google APIs Terms of Service.

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