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DIAS_ Winderful wind

Out little project to show the current and past wind power generated in the UK in a graphical manner. View project.

Installation instructions

  1. clone the repository into a folder called winderful

    git clone

  2. enter the project folder

    cd winderful

  3. create a new database

    mysql > CREATE DATABASE power;

  4. set up the database structure

    mysql power < /assets/power.db.schema.sql

  5. define the project settings

    • copy config.sample.php into config.php

      cp inc/config.sample.php inc/config.php

    • edit config.php so that it has the correct DB settings

Initial setup

  1. populate the DB with the latest data

    php scripts/update-db.php

    (you can also run this from the browser)

  2. For development purposes you will need to

    1. install npm

    2. install the project dependencies

      npm install

    3. run gulp


      Keep this terminal open so that it automatically lints, concatenates and compresses our JS and SASS.

TODO - help us out with a PR if you can

  1. Change the update script to get data from BM reports directly instead of gridwatch

Dev notes

All front-end changes should be made to the files in /assets never to those in static. Gulp will clean staticregularly and any changes made there will be lost.