Rogue-like Game focusing on AI implementation in Unity
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Rogue-like Game focusing on AI implementation in Unity

Running the exe The exe is located in the HiveGen/HiveGen/bin folder. The exe must be located with its data folder, exename_Data

Opening in Unity Import HiveGen/HiveGen as a project in Unity 5 or greater. Open the project To run the main scene, double click MainScene in the assets, then click play

Viewing the code Movers code is in HiveGen/HiveGen/Assets/Movers (Bullets, enemies, player) All other code is in HiveGen/HiveGen/Assets/Scripts Dstarlite is in the dstarlite subfolder of scripts The tuple code is a third party library Decision making is in DecisionMaker Board generation is in BoardManager Priority Queue and SpatialAstar are third party libraries that we edited slightly. Github link