@MichaelRoeder MichaelRoeder released this Mar 2, 2017 · 81 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Added annotators
  • Added datasets
    • Derczynski (#45)
    • ERD14 and GERDAQ (#158)
    • Microposts 2015 and 2016 (#82, #132)
    • Ritter (#43)
    • Senseval 2 and 3 (#17)
    • UMBC (#44)
    • WSDM 2012 (#46)
  • Introduced the RT2KB experiment type that comprises recognition and typing of entities
  • Introduced index based sameAs relation retrieval and entity checking for KBs that do not change very often (e.g., DBpedia). Downloading the indexes is optional and GERBIL can run without them (but has the same performance drawbacks as the last versions).
  • A warning should be shown in the GUI if the server is busy at the moment.
  • Implemented checks for certain datasets and annotators. If dataset files are missing (because of licenses) or API keys of annotators, they are not available in the front end.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the problem that the NIFWSTestingController was not able to check whether a NIF-based web service is available for ETyping experiments. (#151)
  • Fixed encoding problems by setting the encoding to UTF-8 where needed instead of relying on the default encoding (#165)

Known Problems

  • Because of the retrieving of sameAs relations as well as the checking of all entity URIs, the evaluation takes more time than in older versions. With the newly introduced indexes this times is reduced by one half.