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The theme used on my pelican
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Nice-Blog theme

This is the theme used in my pelican blog


Theme screenshot


Pages can have subtitles, just add:

Subtitle: Put your subtitle here

Articles can have one cover image, just add:

Image: image_name.extension

Image must be on `/content/images


This settings must be on

Change theme color

THEME_COLOR = 'blue'

Available colors is on /static/css/colors

To select what to show on sidebar

SIDEBAR_DISPLAY = ['about', 'categories', 'tags']

The text in sidebar About

SIDEBAR_ABOUT = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Sequi quae hic dicta eius ad quam eligendi minima praesentium voluptatum? Quidem quaerat eaque libero velit impedit dicta, repudiandae sapiente. Deserunt, excepturi."
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