Intelligently reopen files at your last edit position in Vim. Have debian-testing? apt-get install vim-lastplace
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vim-lastplace v3.0.4

Intelligently reopen files at your last edit position. By default git, svn, and mercurial commit messages are ignored because you probably want to type a new message and not re-edit the previous one.


Advantages over the snippets that can be found around the net include:

  • Maximizes Available Context
    • Center the cursor vertically after restoring last edit position.
    • Keep as much of the file on screen as possible when last edit position is at the end of the file.
  • Commit messages automatically start beginning of the file. This is important because many version control systems re-use the same file for commit message editing.
  • Opens folds if the last edit position is inside a fold.


You can configure what file types to ignore by setting g:lastplace_ignore in your vimrc. By default it is set to:

    let g:lastplace_ignore = "gitcommit,gitrebase,svn,hgcommit"

Folds are automatically opened when jumping to the last edit position. If you do not like this behavior you can disable it by putting this in your vimrc:

    let g:lastplace_open_folds = 0


Thanks to David Rabel's hard work, you can install vim-lastplace from debian-testing:

apt-get install vim-lastplace

You can also use pathogen.vim or other plugin managers to install and use vim-lastplace.

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://


This plugin is complete and stable. Please do not be afraid to try it even if there is very little recent activity in this repository. If you do find a bug, please submit a pull request that fixes whatever problem you're having.

Version History


  • Add g:lastplace_open_folds option.


  • Point release for Debian packaging. Changes all http links to https. No code changes.


  • A fix for files that are smaller than the current screen size (issue #8)


  • A fix for files with modelines.


  • Open folds if the last edited area is inside a closed fold.


  • Add gitrebase filetype to the ignore list.


  • Center the screen when restoring the cursor position.
  • When at the end of a file, keep as much of it on screen as possible.


  • Initial version.


Get the latest version, submit pull requests, and file bug reports on GitHub:

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