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Vim is a highly customizable text editor that can run in a shell. Bram Moolenaar is credited with the development of Vim, which he began in 1988.

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glacambre commented Sep 17, 2020

It is currently expected that UIs will figure out when to hide msg_history_show messages by themselves.

I think this is bad for two reasons:

  • It makes UIs less similar, increasing the number of things to learn when going from one UI to another.
  • It makes UIs different from the TUI, which offers a press ENTER prompt when the time to hide msg_history_show messages has come.

After [di

hlissner commented Feb 18, 2020

As Doom continues to grow, so have incoming bug reports for modules I do not use and toolchains I know little about, like :lang clojure or :tools ein, and so I struggle to support them.

If you know a little nix and use Doom, consider contributing a shell.nix file to the module(s) you use the most. Particularly :lang modules, so that I can get a test environment up and running to test ag

paulgreg commented Mar 29, 2019

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Under VIM, I’m used to type :bd to close the current file/buffer.
That command isn’t working under VSCodeVim : Not and editor command bd
To close the current buffer, only :q works which isn’t correct : :q under VIM close VIM (and all files/buffers opened)
:bd seems a better command to close the current file/buffer.

Created by Bram Moolenaar

Released November 2, 1991


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